Access your funds wherever and whenever you need them

The AccessPay Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment card gives you instant access to your salary packaging funds, so you’re never out of pocket, you just pay as you go. It’s a two-in-one card, so if you’re salary packaging both living expenses and meal entertainment, they’ll be combined on the same card, meaning you only need to carry one card in your wallet.

There’s no need to select different options when you use your card to make sure the correct funds are used. The merchant and transaction details will automatically trigger which funds to use. For example, if you use your card at a restaurant and are salary packaging meal entertainment, the funds will be deducted from your meal entertainment account. The benefit of the two-in-one card is that if you don’t have enough money in this account, your living expenses account will be used to make up the difference. If you don’t have enough funds in your living expenses account, your meal entertainment balance can’t be used to make up the difference because of the restrictions placed on meal entertainment transactions.

The card gives you the flexibility and convenience of being able to spend your salary packaging funds as you go.

For full details of how the card works read our Card User Guide.

Once you receive your card all you need to do is activate it and you're on your way.

Activation is easy. You can activate your card over the phone, via your online account or the AccessPay app. You'll receive detailed instructions with your card.

The first time you use your card you need to insert, select CREDIT and enter your PIN. Then you can tap and go with PayPass if you prefer.

The Everyday Savings Program is included as part of your AccessPay Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment card.

Your salary packaging funds go even further, with access to thousands of dollars worth of discounts you can access again and again to save on groceries and retail shopping, dining, accommodation and cinema tickets.

The easiest way to enjoy the many benefits of the Everyday Savings program is via the AccessPay app.

As well as providing you with secure and convenient access to your salary packaging account anytime, anywhere. the mobile app allows you to purchase and download on the go – this means you can buy eVouchers even when you’re waiting in queue for the checkout.

Important things to note

  • You can’t withdraw cash or add money to the card
  • You can purchase gift cards as long as they can’t be redeemed for cash
  • To make the most of this benefit, you need to reduce the balance on your card to $0 by 31 March each year
  • There are additional fees charged if you choose a salary packaging card as one of your benefits