We’re here to help

Not sure where to start? We can help you put everything in place. We let your employer know how much to deduct from your salary each pay and then, when we receive your funds, we use them to pay for the items you have selected. It’s as simple as that. See how much you could save with salary packaging.

Whether you choose a mix of benefits or just one, we can help you set up a salary packaging arrangement that suits you. Simply arrange a phone appointment with a member of our guidance team.

  1. We can help you decide how much of your pay you want your employer to deduct for salary packaging as well as the benefits you want to use this money for.
  2. Once you decide to go ahead, we open your account and provide you with login details.
  3. Each pay cycle, the amount you asked your employer to deduct is added to your account. We then follow your instructions on how we should use this money.

Already know what you want to do?

If you already know what you want to do there are a range of options to get started.

Sign up with a member of the guidance team

Make a phone appointment at your preferred time with an AccessPay advisor.

Sign up online

The quick and easy way to get your salary packaging started is to sign up online.

Complete a form

Download an application form, complete and return to us via email or post.