We work with a wide range of organisations

Our focus is to help all our employer clients make the most of their employee benefits program and ensure their employees are making the most of the options available to them, leveraging our knowledge and expertise to help you to deliver an efficient and effective employee benefits program that maximises the savings available to each employee.

We specialise in meeting the unique needs of employers in the not-for-profit sector by providing easy access to essential benefits. Our two-in-one Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment card also makes salary packaging easy and simple, with both general living expenses and entertainment benefits both available via the same card.

As well as salary packaging benefits, we draw on our wider network of companies to offer you integrated business solutions meaning further savings for you and your employees.

Vehicle Services

The vehicle needs of an organisation and its transport requirements are unique. We can, via our Smartfleet division, provide a range of vehicle solutions. From outsourcing your fleet management, to smart solutions for your vehicle procurement.

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Workforce Management

Despite being a major expense, many organisations are unaware of how much payroll processing costs, and issues of workforce shortage, effective shift management and staff retention can cause many headaches. We can offer a number of solutions to help.

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Financial Wellness

Recognising that financial health and stability is integral to an employee’s overall wellbeing, we offer additional services that help people get more from their income.

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