Enhancing your employee benefits program

Your FREE1 Mortgage Health Check

Mortgage repayments are often the single largest expense to come out of your pay, so why not undertake a no obligation, confidential and free1 Mortgage Health Check. As part of your organisation’s employee benefits program, AccessPay would like to introduce you to Credo Financial Group.

Working with a panel of lenders, from the big banks to smaller financial institutions, the best loan option can be sourced, and matched to your individual requirements. Lender competition for loans has never been higher. Even a 0.5% reduction on a $250,000 loan would result in a $1,250 p.a. interest saving.

In 2017, Credo Financial Group assisted employees working in the PBI sector to make an estimated mortgage repayment saving of $1,500 – $2,000 p.a.3

How does it work?
Credo Financial Group will discuss your priorities and goals2 to assist you to confirm if your current loan is right for you, or support you to:

  • Refinance your home loan at a lower cost
  • Reduce your interest payments
  • Release some equity for a holiday, renovations or for other life goals
  • Achieve the best financial outcome for your situation.

Why not give it a try. You could save thousands.

1 AccessPay will receive one-third of any upfront commission and one-third of any trail commission received by Credo Financial Group in respect of any loan transactions that result from the referral. Credo Financial Group receive payment directly from the lender.
2 Any personal information you provide to Credo Financial Group as part of the Mortgage Health Check will be confidential. Your personal information will be held, stored and used in accordance with the Credo Financial Group Privacy Policy on credofinancial.com.au/privacy
3 Based on 100 PBI employees reviewed by Credo Financial Group in 2017.