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Forms and guides

Change and Claim Forms

To change your existing salary packaging arrangement, whether you would like to vary your expense items or change your amount, all you need to do is download this form, fill it out, and email, fax or post to AccessPay.

To claim a reimbursement from AccessPay, or to have us pay an invoice on your behalf, simply download this form, attach verifying documentation, and email, fax or post to AccessPay.

JAWS Compatible Forms

The Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Request Form is used to request for a card that provides you access to your packaged funds along with additional benefits.

The Participation Request Form is used to collect your contact details. Information provided on this form is strictly confidential.

The Nominated Salary Packaging Payments Form is used to nominate your expense items and where your funds are to be sent (i.e. to you or to your creditor). This form creates your salary packaging budget structure.

Use this form to change any of your salary packaging arrangements, account numbers or amounts.

Use this form to claim a reimbursement or ask AccessPay to make a payment on your behalf.

Salary packaging guides

Thinking of making a change or are simply looking for more information, download our comprehensive salary packaging guide.

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