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Additional Benefits

The benefits of salary packaging can extend even further. The types and limits applicable to additional benefits are determined by your employer. Please refer to your employer’s Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Policy for more information.

Additional benefits include:

Car Parking:

Can be salary packaged in addition to the General Living Expenses and Entertainment Benefits annual caps. This benefit is not included as a Reportable Fringe Benefits amount on your PAYG payment summary.

Eligible expenses include:

  • On street parking
  • Parking in a commercial parking station
  • Parking at the airport

Remote Area Benefits:

These benefits assist with the cost of living and working in remote areas (as defined by the ATO).

Expenses eligible for salary packaging benefits are:

  • Housing Assistance – the cost of renting a property or the payment of mortgage interest
  • Residential Utilities – the cost of electricity and gas to your property in the remote location
  • Holiday Transport – transportation costs for you and your immediate family travelling to and from your remote area and a holiday destination

With Remote Area Benefits, only 50% of the payment amount is included in your General Living Expense annual cap of $15,900*, the other 50% is an additional benefit. These benefits are not included as a Reportable Fringe Benefits amount on your PAYG payment summary.

Relocation Benefits:

Moving for work? Costs associated with relocating can be salary packaged in addition to General Living Expenses and Entertainment Benefits.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Removal and storage of household items
  • Costs in sale and/or purchase of a primary dwelling, such as stamp duty, advertising, legal fees, agents’ commission and borrowing expenses
  • Transport to/from new location, including meals and accommodation en route
  • Temporary accommodation whilst searching for suitable long-term rental or purchase options

Relocation benefits can certainly ease some of the cost pressure when relocating for your employment by reimbursing for eligible costs with your tax-free income. This benefit can be salary packaged in addition to your General Living Expenses and Entertainment Benefits annual caps.

Frequently asked questions

What is an exempt item? 

Your salary package is ‘grossed up’ by the taxation department. This is normally calculated at the highest marginal rate of tax, and will be $30,000* or $17,000*, depending on what sort of organisation you work for. AccessPay will ensure that you do not go over the threshold amount.

Depending on your organisation’s Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Policy, an exempt item can be salary packaged without contributing to this amount. Exempt items are extra, and do not need to be cleared by the 31 March.

*based on 2017/2018 tax rates

Find information on the impacts of salary packaging to your end of financial year tax return, education debt repayments, and government support payments; see the ‘Salary Packaging Considerations’ page.

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