Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the AccessPay fee tax deductible? 

Your fee is deducted from your gross salary, therefore it is not able to be claimed on income tax.

2. I don't currently have any debts. Can I still salary package? 
Absolutely - you can salary package toward anything that can be classified as a living expense. An AccessPay advisor will work with you to ensure that your salary package is structured to suit your budget and your lifestyle.

3. What happens at tax time? 
When you receive your PAYG payment summary, there will be an amount in the section titled "Reportable Benefits" or "Reportable Fringe Benefits". This amount should be copied from the Payment Summary directly into the corresponding field in your tax return. There is no tax payable on this figure.

4. What do I do if the amount I pay for my rent/mortgage is more than the amount I salary package? 
AccessPay will make the payment for your nominated amount to your chosen expense item, and any leftover amount can be contributed by you from your after tax salary.

5. Can I use my Salary Packaging Card overseas? 
Both the Salary Packaging Card and Meal Entertainment Card can be used overseas. In addition due to the restrictions of use attributable to the Entertainment Card, there is no guarantee that this will work on every occasion.

NAB SALARY PACKAGING CARDS: Prior to departure we strongly recommend that you advise NAB of your travel agenda in order to avoid having a security block put on your card. It is worth noting that a balance enquiry at an overseas ATM will incur additional fees.

6. What does salary packaging mean for my HELP debt? 
Salary packaging can still be beneficial if you have a HELP or Education Debt, however it is likely to increase your fortnightly HELP repayment by 1% - 2% of your gross income. This will mean that you start to repay your HELP debt at a faster rate, whilst still making a considerable tax saving.

We suggest that, as your required HELP Debt repayment will increase at tax time, you advise your Payroll Dept. to tax you an additional amount each fortnight so that when the end of financial year calculations are made, a lump sum will be available to make your Education Debt payment. Please see the Fact Sheet Salary Packaging and Education Debts on our website for further information.

Please disclose to AccessPay you have a HELP or Education debt so we can provide assistance with this calculation and ensure your salary packaging is set up correctly.

7. What is an exempt item? 
Your salary package is 'grossed up' by the taxation department. This is normally calculated at the highest marginal rate of tax, and will be $17,000 or $30,000, depending on what sort of organisation you work for. AccessPay will ensure that you do not go over the threshold amount. Depending on your organisations salary packaging policy, an exempt item can be salary packaged without contributing to this amount. Exempt items are extra, and do not need to be cleared by the 31 March.

8. What happens to my funds if I don't spend them by the 31 March? 
The amount you are allowed to salary package depends on the organisation you work for (either $611.54 for Public Benevolent Institutions and $346.54 for Not for Profit Hospitals) and their salary packaging policy. These core amounts should be spent by the 31 March each year so that you are able to take full advantage of the same amount in the following year. If there are core funds left over in your account from the previous FBT year, the next 12 months allowable amount may need to be reduced to prevent you breaching the allowable threshold amount.

Please note:

  • These funds do not incur FBT unless they are spent. AccessPay will communicate with you about this as we draw closer to the end of FBT year.
  • Exempt funds are over and above your ordinary salary packaging amount. They are NOT core funds.

9. If I want to make a change, do I have to send a form? 
Firstly, AccessPay needs to identify who you are and all changes must be submitted in writing at least seven (7) business days prior to the pay day you are requesting. This is because your Employer requests all changes one week in advance of the next pay day. Any changes received past this deadline will be actioned for the next available pay day.

Please include your Subscriber Number (also found on your fortnightly payment notification email) on any change requests. These can be done by:


    10. Will salary packaging affect my Family Tax Benefit?

    In some cases, salary packaging arrangements and the receipt of other fringe benefits (such as a company car) may impact on your Family Tax Benefit. You can use the calculator on the Centrelink website to determine whether your packaging arrangements will impact your benefit - you will need to declare your taxable income (after salary packaging) and your Reportable Fringe Benefits amount - AccessPay will be able to assist you with calculating this amount.

    Please see the Fact Sheet Salary Packaging and Government Benefits and Child Support that is in the Fact Sheet Library on this website for more information.

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