Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging is a government initiative that allows employees of specific types of organisations to access part of their salary before tax. The organisation that employs you benefits the wider community, and we want to make sure your organisation can attract staff that are professional and experienced. 

AccessPay’s core business is with Charitable Institutions and Not For Profit Hospital and Ambulance Services, including some Rebateable and Taxable (for profit) organisations.

  • Public Benevolent Institutions can package up to $15,900 per Fringe Benefits Tax Year*. This is $611.54 per fortnight.
  • Not For Profit Hospitals can package up to $9,010.04 per Fringe Benefits Tax Year*. This is $346.54 per fortnight.
These funds are to be used for Living Expenses. For a detailed list of Living Expenses, see the Participation Guide. This means that you will only pay tax on the remainder of your salary, thereby substantially reducing the amount of tax you pay. Paying less tax on your current salary means that you will have more in your take home pay.

To become a member of AccessPay and commence your salary packaging arrangement, you can click on Sign Up Now, which is on the right of this screen. The online sign up process will take about 25-30 mins. An AccessPay Subscriber Service Officer is available on 1300 133 697 if you need assistance. Alternatively, you can click on the Forms tab and print off a Nominated Benefits and Personal Details form and a Nominated Salary Packaging Payments form to commence your salary packaging arrangement.

*A Fringe Benefits Tax year runs from 1 April until 31 March.

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