Frequently Asked Questions (Mobile)

[#Q]How do I make a change to my current arrangements?

[#A]You can make a change using the Payment Menu within this App, by selecting "Request a Change". Here you will be given a drop-down box of each of your current payments, and a comments field to enter detail about the type of change you require.

There may be a requirement for supporting documentation relating to a particular change (e.g. change of bank detail, address, etc). An AccessPay team member will be in contact with any requirements or detail not provided.

[#Q]How do I provide new supporting documentation and how often?

[#A]You can send your documentation in using the methods below:

a) You can upload your documents via your online account at OR

b) You can scan and email them to: OR

c) You can post them to: GPO Box 1238, Adelaide SA, 5001

AccessPay cannot make payments without compliant supporting documentation. Your Payment Notification email (provided each time payments are processed) outlines "Number of Full Payments Remaining" which is a reminder to send in further documentation. For further detail on supporting documentation, please refer to our Participation Guide, found here.

[#Q]What does salary packaging mean for my HELP or education debt?

[#A]Salary packaging is likely to increase your HELP repayment by 1%-2% of your gross income. This will mean you will start to repay your debt at a faster rate, whilst still making considerable tax savings. AccessPay can provide assistance with the required calculations. Please contact our office for further assistance. For more information please refer to our fact sheet here.

[#Q]Will salary packaging affect my Family Tax Benefits?

[#A]Salary packaging should not affect your Family Tax Benefit, however when you declare your gross annual income for Centrelink purposes, you must declare it as though you had not been salary packaging. Please see further detail in our Fact Sheet here.

[#Q]What payment options do I have through my salary packaging?

[#A]AccessPay are able to make payments on your behalf using BPay and EFT facilities. if you have a Salary Packaging Card you are able to make BPay payments using internet and telephone banking.

NB. A cheque option is available, however this will incur an additional fee.

[#Q]How do I register for internet and telephone banking for my Salary Packaging and/or Meal Entertainment Card?

[#A]If you are an existing NAB customer and already registered for internet and telephone banking, your new card will be linked to your existing account.

If you are new to the NAB, please phone AccessPay to obtain your NAB Identification Number (NIN). For step by step instructions on what to do next, please click here.

[#Q]What happens to my funds if I don't spend them by the 31st of March?

[#A]The funds remain yours, however the amount you are able to package in the next FBT year will be reduced by the balance of your account on the 31st of March.

[#Q]Who do I contact if I lose my Salary Packaging Card or Meal Entertainment Card, or suspect fraudulent activity?

[#A]If your card is lost, stolen or you suspect fraudulent transactions on your account, please contact the NAB immediately on 1800 033 103. Please also notify AccessPay on 1300 133 697 to arrange a replacement card.

[#Q]Can I use my Salary Packaging Card and Meal Entertainment Card overseas?

[#A]Both cards can be used overseas however, prior to departure, we strongly recommend that you advise the NAB of your travel agenda to avoid having a security block put on your card. In addition, due to the restrictions of use attributable to the Meal Entertainment Card, there is no guarantee that this will work on every occasion.

It is worth noting that a balance enquiry at an overseas ATM will incur a fee of $1.00 and that all foreign currency purchases will incur a 3% fee on the AUD equivalent amount of the purchase.

[#Q]Can I cease my salary packaging?

[#A]You can cease packaging at any time. Please advise AccessPay in writing and we will confirm with your pay office.

[#Q]How can I obtain more information?

[#A]Contact AccessPay on:


Telephone: 1300 133 697

Facsimile: 1300 361 498


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