Novated Lease Calculator

 My current salary (excluding superannuation) is 
 The full name of my current employer is 
 My employer's Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) status is 
 The cost of the motor vehicle (including GST) is 
 The number of KMs I anticipate travelling this FBT year is 
 Estimated % of business use of motor vehicle is 


  BEFORE salary sacrifice AFTER salary sacrifice
Salary sacrifice benefits
Fringe Benefits Tax payable
Taxable salary
Income tax payable
Car operating cost
Non-Car benefit payments
Disposable income

* Disclaimer: This calculator is designed to provide an indicative projection only and is dependent on the accuracy and the nature of the details provided. It cannot and does not take into account specific ATO rulings and any regulatory changes which may have been issued in recent weeks. Before committing to a course of action you are advised to seek independent advice from a qualified taxation professional.

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