Existing Novated Leases

AccessPay is able to assist with the transfer and re-novation of an existing novated lease. Due to the complex nature of lease transitions, the following information is general, and may vary according to your individual situation. For further information please review AccessPay’s fact sheet (located on the right of this page) or contact Smartleasing on 1300 730 366 or customerservice@smartleasing.com.au 


Transferring your novated lease will allow you to continue salary packaging the finance and running costs of your car in addition to your regular living expense packaging. You may be able to retain your current leasing provider (subject to their policy and employer approval), or alternatively we can set up your lease through one of our participating leasing providers.


Changing employers, lease brokers or salary packaging providers doesn’t alter the finance component of your lease. You will continue with the same financier, lease term and finance repayment amount. A transition of your lease allows you to continue to package the lease as a novated lease and receive the salary packaging benefit.


To transition your existing lease, please complete the Smartleasing transition form, here, and email it to service@smartleasing.com.au along with:

  • a copy of your payslip or letter of offer
  • a copy of your deed of novation 

AccessPay will assist with the transition of your lease and ensure it is integrated into your salary packaging arrangements so you receive the best outcome from your employee benefits.


Please note that all re-novations are subject to employer approval.

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