Novated Lease

Novated Lease for Employees

A novated lease is a benefit that allows you to acquire and maintain a car from your pre-tax income. By financing a vehicle through a salary packaging arrangement your lease payments, car running costs (including fuel and servicing) are paid from your pre-tax income allowing you to reduce the amount of tax you pay.

AccessPay facilitates you with a competitive, hassle-free novated lease service that ensures you get a great deal thanks to our national network of car and financing partners. We stand with you to guide you through the purchasing, financing and administration process to ensure that you get the best outcome.

With AccessPay you can:

  • Acquire a new car of your choice at significant savings through our national network of vehicle and financing partners
  • Finance a new or used car at highly competitive rates
  • Elect to salary package the car lease payments plus associated operating costs (including fuel, servicing, roadside assistance, insurance and registration) out of your pre-tax salary and GST free
  • Monitor and adjust your operating costs as you need

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