Employer Services

AccessPay is committed to providing an employee benefits program that seeks to maximise outcomes for each employee, whilst developing customised salary packaging programs that recognise the unique requirements of every organisation and to enhance their position in a competitive labour market.

Your Salary Packaging Policy - Advice and Guidance

AccessPay provide initial and ongoing advice to assist in the establishment and ongoing review of salary packaging policies and procedures. Provided by qualified Chartered Accountants and Human Resources Specialists, this enables employers to use salary packaging as an integral part of their HR strategies to attract, recruit and retain the right staff. It also aids in the identification of inefficient remuneration and packaging strategies, and ensures compliance with the rules and regulations surrounding salary packaging.


One of AccessPay's Core Principles is continuous improvement, and we apply this to our systems, processes and service delivery. Integral to this is AccessAudit, a unique process adopted by AccessPay to ensure our services are accurate, reliable and robust, delivering maximum salary packaging benefits to our Clients and their employees.

AccessAudit involves a review of each organisation’s administration on a scheduled basis. The review frequency is determined by the size and complexity of the salary package administration and any undertakings given to our client.

AccessAudit seeks to ensure that each administration is conducted in accordance with AccessPay’s Quality Principles of accuracy, timeliness, responsiveness, empathy, and reliability.

AccessPay Subscriber Discount Program

AccessPay is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative benefits that assist our clients to attract, retain and reward employees by offering an online, integrated employee discount program.

AccessPay, in partnership with Frequent Values™, has developed the AccessPay Subscriber Discount Program, which offers discounts on lifestyle, retail, travel and recreation throughout Australia and New Zealand. Offered in conjunction with our salary packaging and meal entertainment cards, this program allows employees to access discounts at point of sale without the need for vouchers or a separate employee benefits card.

Administration Risk Management

At the commencement and throughout AccessPay's administration of an employer’s salary packaging program, a comprehensive risk review is undertaken and monitored. This review includes change management, policy development and understanding, guidance, program flexibility and commitment to a continuous improvement culture.

Importantly, AccessPay's administrations are conducted through an employers dedicated bank account.

Keeping You Up To Date

AccessPay keeps our clients informed of any relevant changes to legislation or the environment with regard to salary packaging. This information assists our clients make any necessary changes to their salary packaging policy whilst keeping them informed of any new benefit items that may become available so that they are able to provide their employees with the best possible salary packaging options.

Novated Leases

A novated lease is a benefit that allows employees  to acquire and maintain a vehicle from their pre-tax income. By financing a vehicle through a salary packaging arrangement the lease payments, car running costs (including fuel and servicing) are paid from pre-tax income allowing a reduction in the income tax paid.

AccessPay facilitates a competitive, hassle-free novated lease service that ensures employees get a great deal thanks to our national network of vehicle and financing partners. We stand with employees to guide them through the purchasing, financing and administration process to ensure they get the best outcome.

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Fleet Management and Company Vehicles

AccessPay provides the benefit of managing FBT and salary packaging implications for company provided vehicles. The management of company vehicles includes:

  • End of FBT year reporting on reportable fringe benefit and FBT returns (if applicable)
  • Management of employee salary packaging arrangements in accordance with the organisation’s vehicle policy - this includes recalculation of salary packaging amounts and contact with employees with advice if needed.
  • Regular auditing of employees with vehicle accounts for compliance.

Reporting and Online Access

AccessPay offers a range of standard reports and an option to customise reports to meet an employers specific requirements. All reports are available in electronic and hard copy format and can be made available from our website via a secure access.

These reports include, but are not limited to those required to assist employers complete their BAS and Payment Summaries. In addition, reports and advice in relation to the legislative environment and the performance of the employers salary packaging arrangement are available.

System Support

Administration of our service offering is supported by our custom-built, secure, web based intranet system developed on a Microsoft SQL Server relational database. This allows us to reliably and efficiently process high volumes of transactions in a secure environment.

Tailored Benefit Administration and Flexible Payment Options

AccessPay is able to administer any benefit type approved by the employer to the maximum benefit of the employee. This includes administration of GST inclusive, non GST, exempt and otherwise deductible items, Meal Entertainment, Holiday Accommodation, remote area and novated car lease expenses.

As one of our key points of difference, we offer multiple payment / claim options to suit the preferred financial arrangements of the employer including regular payments, ad-hoc payments (with performance guarantees) and salary packaging cards. Both direct payment and reimbursement payment options are available.

Training, Education, Advice and Guidance

At AccessPay, we pride ourselves on our relationship based services. We invest time with you, the employer, in order to establish your service expectations and assist in developing a flexible salary packaging policy that is appropriate for the organisation and its employees.

Employees are all offered individual meetings in order to understand their requirements and ensure that we deliver services in accordance with their goals, the employer’s policy and our Core Values and Principles. We also provide information sessions to all employees to ensure they understand the benefits available, and how to maximise those benefits to their financial advantage.

Employees will have direct access to our service oriented advisors, who are trained to ensure the highest level of professional knowledge of legislation and relevant law. Moreover, our advisors will administer the salary packaging arrangements in accordance with the employer’s salary packaging policy, to ensure the delivery of effective and efficient salary packaging services.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, providing friendly service and great communications
... and we deliver.